Welcome to 111

At 111, we believe that entrepreneurs create long lasting value that shapes the future and enables progress to be made at a faster pace than any other available means. Technology and process innovation, combined with visionary ideas and leadership makes us excited to look for areas where we can leverage our expertise and find how we can add value to a company’s ability to succeed, whether at seed stage, growth or preparing for an exit. We invest in high technology companies serving both consumers and businesses, together with companies creating disruptive solutions in the main areas of artificial intelligence, financial technology, additive manufacturing, intelligent transportation, clean energy, consumer entertainment, sustainable food production and medical technology.

We back early stage and growth stage companies and advise companies preparing for exits.

111 began in 2007 with a focus on angel investments and early stage companies. We have added growth stage companies in 2012 and have backed a number of companies that successfully realised their value through an initial public offering or acquisition.

We are committed to businesses with repeatable and scaleable profitable solutions.

Our team is predominantly made up of successful entrepreneurs. At 111 we genuinely understand the factors that lead to success – and those traits that lead to failure. Our team guides entrepreneurs through the process of growing successful businesses. We provide the necessary resources and help create the right team to build companies that change the world – or at least, their chosen industry!

What Makes Us Different

Our team all have been successful entrepreneurs themselves – we value entrepreneur’s time and needs and ensure that there is a lightweight yet solid support structure to nurture and grow businesses as they scale up from seed to exit.

Frank Feedback

Frequent feedback that allows for accelerated learning and smart decisions to be made. We recognise that at particular critical times, our feedback allows entrepreneurs to reach the right conclusions quicker.

Timely & Responsive

Time is money and dragging out decision making results in distraction and lost opportunity costs. We are aware of the damaging effect of a maybe instead of a yes / no decision.

Testing Assumptions & Processes

We strongly believe that assumptions and processes should be challenged and important core models examined properly using a structured Root Cause Analysis methodology. Leaders have the right to be beaten but never the right to be surprised.

Continuous Support

We are active board members, providing regular feedback, mentoring, support and coaching when needed. Our network of contacts assists our companies in achieving their goals faster.


Our processes are transparent and entrepreneur friendly in mind. We do not keep entrepreneurs waiting for a decision and try to avoid ambiguous situations as much as possible, with transparent and honest feedback.